4 Tips to look different from the competition but not ridiculous…

You may ask is it possible to look different from the rest without looking like a clown or ridiculous for want of words? The answer is absolutely and depending on the occasion, you should.


A good understanding of the occasion is required to give the perfect frame work within which your choice will be made.


Some evening outs like concerts and sporting events might not seem to have casual or formal dress codes but they do. After all, would you walk into one with pyjamas on?


For simplicity, we will categorise outings into casual and formal settings, working through one item of clothing to another with ideas.


Look Different: 

1. The Shoe: 


This is where I recommend my clients begin, I call it “building up”. The reason is it gets the attention first and says a lot about you.


Here’s how it works.


If you're having a drink up at a bar most of your friends wear sneakers, try a pair of rice grain coated leather loafers. Perfect for the occasion and functional incase of spillage.


The patina/shoe colour (Dye) too gives another lift to your outfit showing your attention to detail. Oh ensure your shoes are regularly polished which is a great way to keep smart dress shoes looking smart but also a subtle way of dressing up uniquely. 


2. The Trousers: 

Your Khaki or Denim pants mixed with say 2% Elastane (if you like a bit of stretch like me) will give you great fit and definition. These come in various interesting colours, are versatile and work well with almost any choice of shoe or shirt. They work like a blank canvas a lot of times.


3. The Shirt:

This is where it gets personal, for me expression is everything. 

Following on from the concert or bar example earlier on, I recommend a shirt that excites you. A Shirt that makes you feel something, one that allows you say exactly how you’re feeling without speaking a word.


As you can imagine there is no shortage of pieces like this but a semi spread collared fitted button down dress shirt with the right pattern preferably print will deliver every time.

These can also be dressed up or worn on their own.


4. The Accessories:

There are two essential accessories for giving tone to how you look:

  • Glasses  
  • A quality watch

We all know glasses add an intelligent look. But, it’s important you get a pair that’s perfect for your head\face as this is where many literally drop the ball.

Wearing the right pair for you also gives you confidence.

It’s interesting how that watches make great conversation starters for those in the know.

When it comes to watches you are spoilt for choice as there are several out there to pick from.

Just make sure it looks great and follows the whole attire and occasion , it’s that accessory that tells anyone looking at you you’re different.


Finally, taking each part of the above and picking your outfit will definitely I’ve you the desired effect you desire and make you stand out with confidence.